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Herzing MBA Program

NCIME partnered with Herzing University in Atlanta GA to offer MBA in Healthcare Management. This program allows IMG to earn MBA degree in one year and half along with Clinical rotation in US Hospitals. The program is ideal candidate for a physician interested in career in Hospital administration. This program prepares students with the necessary skills and academic knowledge for management positions in various business enterprises, with a concentration of courses in healthcare management. These career opportunities may be in areas such as accounting, finance, business administration, sales, marketing, human resources, information systems, and production or operations for the existing or emerging manager. Application of theory and practice using case studies are emphasized throughout all courses.

Upon completion of their program the student should be able to:
  • 1. Successfully manage, interpret, validate, and act on information both internal to the organization and from its external environment.
  • 2. Analyze organizational, operational, ethical, legal, and managerial issues affecting the attainment of an organization’s goals.
  • 3. Apply creative, analytical, and practical business solutions to the issues relevant to successful organizational operations.
  • 4. Examine and implement ethical strategic and operational business solutions while working in cross-functional collaborations and integrated teams.
  • 5. Demonstrate self-discipline, motivation, and creative thinking skills in the analysis of business problems and development of solutions in new situations.
  • 6. Apply sound business concepts in healthcare settings.
A minimum of 42.00 semester credit hours for students with an undergraduate major or minor in business is required.
A minimum of 45.00 semester credit hours for students without an undergraduate major or minor in business is required. PREREQUISITE COURSE

Students without an undergraduate major or minor in business are required to complete the following 3-credit course during their first academic period of enrollment. MBA 500     Business Fundamentals     None 3.00
* MBA 500 is an overview course that covers business practices across a number of disciplines. Students can petition for exemption from this course if they have already earned an undergraduate degree with a major or minor in business. REQUIRED CORE MBA COURSES
All courses, 30.00 semester credit hours, are required.

Course Number Course NamePrerequisiteCredit Hours
MBA 600Leadership and Organizational BehaviorMBA 5003.00
MBA 606Research and Decision-MakingMBA 5003.00
MBA 615 Marketing MBA 500 3.00
MBA 620 Accounting for Managers MBA 500 3.00
MBA 626 Information Systems and Technology MBA 500 3.00
MBA 631 Operations and Project Management MBA 500 3.00
MBA 641 Business and Labor Law MBA 500 3.00
MBA 645 Finance MBA 500 3.00
MBA 690 Strategic Planning MBA 500 3.00
MBA 691 Graduate Capstone Project ** MBA 500 3.00
** MBA 691 must be taken in the last semester and may be continued for a second academic period for 3.00 additional credits if the student’s final project warrants.

REQUIRED Healthcare MANAGEMENT courses The following courses, 12.00 semester credit hours, are required.
Course Number Course NamePrerequisiteCredit Hours
MBA 662 Healthcare Public Policy and Corporate Compliance MBA 500 3.00
MBA 663 Health Insurance and Managed Care MBA 500 3.00
MBA 664 Healthcare Administration MBA 500 3.00
MBA 665 Healthcare Information Management MBA 500 3.00