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Cecil Bennett, M.D.

Dr. Cecil F. Bennett Jr. grew up in Brooklyn New York. He completed his undergraduate studies at Syracuse University, earning a degree in Biology. After working as a pharmaceutical representative with Merck and Geigy Pharmaceuticals, at the encouragement of a physician mentor from Morehouse School of Medicine, he applied and was accepted to Morehouse School of Medicine. Dr. Bennett became president of the Student Government Association during his fourth year in medical school. He also served on the Morehouse School of Medicine Board of Trustees.

Upon the completion of medical school, Dr. Bennett began and completed his training in Family Medicine at The Morehouse School of Medicine Family Practice Center, where he served as Chief resident in his final year. After residency and becoming board certified in Family Medicine, Dr. Bennett founded The Atlanta Primary Center, in Atlanta Georgia. Today The Atlanta Primary Center is the largest full service primary care center in its Atlanta area, serving a largely underserved population. Dr. Bennett is still clinically active and sees patients weekly.

Seeing a void in the clinical preparedness of foreign trained doctors who wish to practice in the United States, Dr. Bennett is dedicated to improving international medical education standards. The vision of the National Center for International Medical Education (NCIME), is to be the leader in providing standardized US clinical medicine training to foreign medical students and graduates. He has worked with medical schools and government medical entities all over the world; from South America to the Middle East.He has overseen the clinical training of thousands of medical students. Dr. Bennett has served on the board of trustees of two medical schools. He has held academic titles of Associate Dean of Medical Education of Washington Adventist University and Adjunct Associate Professor of Family Medicine for Morehouse School of Medicine.

To understand healthcare, one has to understand the players. These players include physicians, patients, hospitals, government, medical insurance and drug companies. Dr. Bennett has written the book, 'McFly Goes to Med School: Your Physician in the Unraveling U.S. Healthcare Crisis', to explain the true role of those players in healthcare reform. Dr. Bennett also presents his plan for solving the curren US healthcare economic crisis. The book is available at To view a video message from Dr. Bennett about his book, please visit

Dr. Bennett is a Christian. He served in the Army during Desert Storm where he received an Army Commendation Medal. He is married to his wife Andrea for twenty three years. He is the father of children Danielle; a sophmore at the University of Georgia, Matthew, and Alyssa.

Dr. Bennett with the Clinical Directors of St. Georges University, London

Dr. Bennett with the Saudi Arabia Attache to the United States

Dr. Bennett with the Minister of Education, Aruba

Dr. Bennett with the President of Hashemite University, Jordan

Dr. Bennett with the Governor and Ministers of Bonaire

Dr. Bennett with the Dean, The School of Engineering, University of Abu Dhabi